The Repton Festival is Back!

Bigger and Better in 2022!

Friday 8th July - Sunday 10th July

For 2022 we're delighted to announce not only the return of our live festival Repton Litfest but also our very first Repton Filmfest and the return of the hugely successful Repton Kidsfest offering a fantastic 3 in 1 experience running from 8th -10th July!

The Repton Festival – update from festival Director John Cavey
 July 2022

Only days to go to 48 hours of amazing people sharing remarkable stories, showing fantastic films, and entertaining children in an historic venue - The Repton Festival comprising Litfest’22, Filmfest’22 and Kidsfest’22 really is the only place to be for 48 hours starting on the evening of Friday 8th July.

You are sure to regret it if you miss it – Book Now.

Poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan - writer, broadcaster and one-time politician Matthew Parris - Hilary Benn MP - former politician and author Edwina Currie - successful female authors Louise Beech, Caroline England, Liz Fenwick and Ruth Millington  - Hanson’s Auctioneers Harry Potter specialist Jim Spencer - professional Ukrainian cinematographer Andrey and his daughter Ksenia Yakutin – historian Roger Juneau – author and retired policeman James Elson - poet Bert Flitcroft – actors and authors Olivia Poulet and Larry Dobiesz - Colin Firth in a screening of A Single Man – Film Director Deborah Hadfield – the  Archies Shorts Competition - Dr Susan Hogan with a screening of  Birth Shock!Filmfest’22 workshops hosted by Antony Thomas, Robin Vidgeon and Nick Whitfield - County Lines Director and Producer team,  Henry Blake and Victoria Bavister – children’s author Caryl Hart – children's entertainer Mike Payton - animator Jon Doyle.


All the above and a Bar, Barbeque, Pizza, and Indian Street Food in a stunning setting in July with a great weather forecast at present.




Looking forward to seeing you at the festival.


John Cavey

Festival Director

Update ​15th June 2022

It has been a challenge but the three-in-one festival is up and running. The Repton Festival comprising Litfest’22, Filmfest’22 and Kidsfest’22 really is the only place to be for 48 hours starting on the evening of Friday 8th July.

Litfest’22 kicks off with the amazing poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan who has chosen The Repton Festival as the first location outside his native Yorkshire to promote his latest work My sand Life, My Pebble Life. Events will conclude 48 hours later with the writer, broadcaster and one-time politician Matthew Parris bringing his best-selling novel Fracture to life, in the 400 years old Repton School Library.

In between Hilary Benn MP will share insights from his years of political service on the national and international stage.  Another former politician, Edwina Currie,  will wear her author's hat as the successful writer of twelve novels to host four similarly successful female authors Louise Beech, Caroline England, Liz Fenwick and Ruth Millington in a wide-ranging discussion of the obstacles to success they had to overcome – it promises to be a lively discussion!!! All our lady authors also have their own sessions to discuss their work in more depth with their audience.

If you have a book that you think may be of antiquarian value do not miss the opportunity for Hansons Auctioneers specialist Jim Spencer to take a look. Jim will also be sharing anecdotes about a life valuing the written word.

Sunday starts with a unique event that features professional cinematographer, Andrey and his daughter Ksenia Yakutin, refugees from the conflict in Ukraine sharing a short movie on their traumatic existence in recent years. All proceeds from this event will go to the Theo Trust Ukrainian appeal with Richard Theobald who founded the Trust in attendance.

The institution that is the internationally recognised Repton School nearly disappeared in the late 18th century due to the impact that the young heiress Fanny Coutts had on the Headmaster – Roger Juneau will reveal all!!

We may have caused a riot by this stage so you will be reassured to meet retired policeman James Elson talking about his transition from Real Cop to Literary Cop.

Time to wind down a little at this stage in the convivial company of poet Bert Flitcroft whose recently published Just Asking will challenge you to do just that. Amazed by Bert’s talent you will grab the chance to join his subsequent workshop and set your own poetry career in motion.


Recharged and reinvigorated you will not want to miss Matthew Parris bringing our Litfest’22 to a conclusion just in time for you to dip into Filmfest’22 with Colin Firth in a screening of A Single Man based on the novel by former Repton pupil, Christopher Isherwood.

If you are more a film than a literary person the debut Repton Filmfest’22 offers the opportunity to indulge your interest.

Over the weekend, we will screen the shortlisted entries in the Archies Shorts Competition which has £2000 of prizes available and a mentoring session with Peaky Blinders and England Director Tom Harper.

Dr Susan Hogan explores the experiences of those giving birth within a contemporary hospital environment with a screening of  Birth Shock! – followed by a Q&A.


Filmfest’22 workshops are available and hosted by Antony Thomas, Robin Vidgeon and Nick Whitfield.

Saturday evening sees the Director and Producer team of County Lines,  Henry Blake and Victoria Bavister introducing a screening of this much-talked-about and BAFTA-nominated movie, followed by a Q&A.

Sunday morning sees Ukrainian news videographer Andrey Yakutin and his daughter Ksenia share their short movie based on their experience in Ukraine over the last few years – a must-see event with all proceeds going to the charity that has helped them.

The highlight of this action-packed 48 hours is the Archies Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening which will be followed by our concluding event, a screening of A Single Man starring Colin Firth and based on the novel by former Repton pupil, Christopher Isherwood.

We would never be forgiven if we forgot our mission to encourage literacy amongst young people at home and abroad and Kidsfest’22 keeps this firmly top of mind.

We have a wonderful Kidsfest team who make sure that our younger audience is catered for at the festival and at events between festivals.

This year Caryl Hart entertains our youngest audience on Saturday morning , Mike Payton a slightly older audience on Saturday afternoon and Jon Doyle will introduce teenagers to the art of animation on Sunday afternoon.

Younger children have to be accompanied by an adult so why not share this task so that you can take in other festival events at the same time.


All the above and a Bar, Barbeque, Pizza, and Indian Street Food in a stunning setting in July.



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The Repton Festival is a not-for-profit company of professional volunteers that provides a festival experience for those interested in the Arts in South Derbyshire and beyond.


It seeks to help develop international projects that enhance literacy and an appreciation of the Arts by our local audience and global friends. If you can help or would like to know more visit Repfest International now.

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Our Special Village

A village and civil parish in South Derbyshire noted for our historic buildings of St Wystan's Church, Repton School, the Anglo-Saxon Repton Abbey and the medieval Repton Priory.

​Repton is a village full of architectural and historical significance, once the capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

St. Wystan’s Church is of national importance. It holds an Anglo-Saxon crypt of the 8th and 9th centuries, which once held the bones of St. Wystan and was a place of pilgrimage. With its spiral decorated columns and vaulted roof, the crypt is one of England's most precious survivals of Anglo-Saxon architecture. 


To the east of the church are the remains of Repton Priory, an Augustinian house founded in 1172. Its precinct wall and arch of its 13th-century gatehouse are still important features of the village. After the dissolution of the Monasteries, part of the priory buildings became the home of Repton School which was founded in 1557. Another part became Repton Hall, which today is also part of the school.

​Repton is home to great words, thoughts and deeds, burying kings, educating performers and growing sporting heroes.


​Repton School has long been recognised for its accomplished alumni: including...

Roald Dahl, Jeremy Clarkson, Christopher Isherwood, actors Basil Rathbone, Tom Chambers and Nicholas Burns and ex-Derby County footballer Will Hughes.

Festival Founders – Nick Brown and Chris Ward-Brown.

Programme Director – John Cavey

The Repton Literary Festival Ltd is a not for profit company registered in UK