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Our Village is Special

A village and civil parish in South Derbyshire noted for our historic buildings of St Wystan's ChurchRepton Schoolthe Anglo-Saxon Repton Abbey and the medieval Repton Priory.

Repton is a village full of architectural and historical significance, once the capital of the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

St. Wystan’s Church is of national importance. It holds an Anglo Saxon crypt of the 8th and 9th centuries, which once held the bones of St. Wystan and was a place of pilgrimage. With its spiral decorated columns and vaulted roof, the crypt is one of England's most precious survivals of Anglo Saxon architecture. 

To the east of the church are the remains of Repton Priory, an Augustinian house founded in 1172. Its precinct wall and arch of its 13th century gatehouse are still important features of the village. After the dissolution of the Monasteries, part of the priory buildings became the home of Repton School which was founded in 1557. Another part became Repton Hall, which today is also part of the school.

Repton is home to great words, thoughts and deeds, burying kings, educating performers and growing sporting heroes.

Repton School has long been recognised for its accomplished alumni: including...

Roald Dahl, Jeremy Clarkson, Christopher Isherwood, actors Basil Rathbone, Tom Chambers and Nicholas Burns and ex-Derby County footballer Will Hughes.