Melissa Cooke in conversation with Liz Plant, Repton LitFest Volunteer

Updated: May 28, 2020

M: How was your experience of Repton Literary Festival?

L: Despite the shocking weather, I really enjoyed the event. Every bit of it - from the sessions to the volunteering and meeting people. I get a little bit star-struck so by listening to the authors live I become more interested in the books. The books become alive even more.

M: Why volunteer?

L: I wanted to be a part of it – a special event in our lovely village. I love hosting events and hosted the Green Room - meeting speakers and authors. Just wonderful. The refreshments from The Boot Inn were delicious too.

M: What do you like about reading/books/art/dialogue?

I suppose it’s the learning – which I came late to. Well, I was a very naughty pupil at school – usually too busy being sent to wait outside the headmistresses office to study. My father said I was allowed to leave if I got a job, so at 15 I became a librarian in Derby. This probably inspired me a bit about books too.

M: What have you enjoyed reading recently?

L: I loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I enjoy reading books that cheer me up or a good thriller that grips me. I don’t like cruelty in books or war stories.

M: What would you like for this year’s festival?

L: To share all the great things it offers with more people. I was so impressed by the people who came from quite a long way away. Thank you for joining us.

M: What are your lasting impressions of RLF?

L: I’ll remember the band and singing at the end. I could have listened all night, it was quite emotional.

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