Melissa Cooke in conversation With Mary Evans, Repton LitFest Volunteer

Updated: May 28, 2020

M: How was your experience of Repton Literary Festival?

M: I’ve been to each Repton Literary Festival and this one was even better than the previous year. The new theatre was the perfect opening reception place. Dr Cat Jarman was particularly fascinating talking about the archaeological digs.

M: Why volunteer?

M: Repton is a village with a history and fantastic facilities so it’s great to be a part of sharing this and putting it on the map. The first year I hosted a speaker. I enjoyed that too – it was fascinating to get to know them a little.

M: What do you like about reading/books/art/dialogue?

M: I’m not an avid reader so I am a member of a book club to make sure I read regularly. The Literary Festival builds on this too as it gives me new ideas of what to read and an insight into the people who write them.

M: What have you enjoyed reading recently?

M: Victoria Hislop’s first book “The Island” is an amazing book – very emotional.

M: What would you like for this year’s festival?

M: Let’s get more and more people excited about this super event. It’s about hearing other people’s views and opinions, not just the invited speakers and artists.

M: What are your lasting impressions of RLF?

M: The illustrator Christian Birmingham was really interesting. Books are not just about the written word but the images they create in your mind and he has the talent to put this on paper.

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