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'There are many boys in the world, all slightly different from one another, and most of them are referred to by names. These are often John or Jack or Desmond, but sometimes they are James or Philip or Simon. Once, and once only, there was a boy whose name was Fizzlebert....'

10.00 – 11.30 am - Fun Things to do with Books!

Activities for all ages: craft, stories, poetry workshop, puzzles and quizzes.


11.45 am - 2.45 pm 

'An Explosion of Stories and Poems' with Authors and Guests


11.45 am -12.30 pm

A.F. Harrold and Fizzlebert Stump

A.F. Harrold is known for his magnificent beard and laugh-aloud poems about midnight feasts, dreams and wallabies.   


12.30 – 1.45 pm

Guest actors: David Bradley, Nick Burns and George Rainsford

Reading a selection of their favourite children’s stories: From Roald Dahl to Harry Potter


1.45 - 2.30 pm   

A.F. Harrold - 'Things you find in a Poets Beard' & 'Midnight Feasts'

Catchy rhyme, light humour, and playful imagination: bears, beetles, bees....and FUN!


2.30 - 2.45 pm 

Author Mike Molloy introduces 'Nana Troll'

3.00 - 4.30 pm - More Fun Things to do with Books!

Activities for all ages:  craft, stories, poetry workshop, puzzles and quizzes


4.45 – 5.00 pm - Presentation to Writing Competition Prize winners !!


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